Tips On How To Pass A Hair Drug Test

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Passing any drug test is the ultimate objective of anyone who goes through the exercise. No one can afford to fail the test, and tips on how to pass a hair drug test come in handy. Importantly, people need to understand what goes on in their hair whenever they take drugs such as Marijuana. Getting such information helps a drug user to reverse the process, and not only pass the drug test but also get back to shape.

Toxic Hair

Whenever one takes Marijuana, it leaves Tetrahydrocannabinol to reside in the blood. The effects can last for a few days for light users and months for heavy users. Some of the contributors to the stay of THC in the blood include the strength of the weed, the quantity of the weed, body fat percentage, and metabolism and diet. Due to the said factors, it becomes hard to predict the exact days that the THC takes to leave the body of the drug user.

Occurrences during a Hair Test

This is one of the most accurate drug tests. It entails screening a sample of hair in order to ascertain the presence of metabolites of THC and other drugs. A clinician clips 3 hair clumps that consist of up to 50 strands each. This test is ideal for testing for long term usage of drugs that using urine and blood. Importantly, it is hard to pass a THC hair test since hair stores the metabolites for a longer period than the other mediums. The test can detect toxic substances that are as old as 90 days. It means that one needs to have a quality detox before attending a hair test.

Passing the Test

Natural cleansing of Blood and Hair

The bloodstream usually carries toxins to the hair. It means that if one can detox the blood, then the hair becomes clean too. Thirty days of detoxification can result to clean blood and 90 days will add 1.5 inches of hair. It shows that one will get clean samples of hair within 3 months. There are several detox products in the market, and one can easily find and buy them in order to start the detoxification program.

Diets and Supplements

Sometimes time is usually against a drug user during the preparation for a hair test. One should never worry about a tight deadline since the use of supplements and diets increase the speed of the detoxification process. Taking a detox diet and herbal supplements enables one to knock off a few weeks from the program, and one flushes the toxins faster. Vitamin 3 and Niacin intake results in the dilation of blood capillaries due to the production of histamines. Subsequently, toxins flow out faster from the blood stream. One can also drink a lot of water and exercise from a gym in order to sweat off the toxins.

Detoxification Shampoo

The pressure of time warrants the use of detoxification shampoo in order to rid the hair of toxins. The shampoo has the ability to penetrate into the hair, dissolve, release and remove the toxins without causing damage to the hair follicles. One has an option to take a 10 days program, or take 3 to 4 showers every day while leaving the shampoo to rest on the hair for 3 minutes. Additionally, one has to massage the scalp thoroughly in order to get rid of the residual buildup. One should be cautious while using the shampoo since it can strip the hair of all impurities and create a suspicion.

Home Remedy

One can prepare home-based ingredients such as baking soda, Rosemary oil, and sea salt when making a detox remedy for hair. Even though it takes the time to prepare, the remedies work similar to processed detox products. Additionally, they are cheap.

Shaving the Hair

If one shaves all the hair, then there will be no samples. It becomes possible for one to get a hair test deadline extension and more time to detox. However, this method arouses the suspicion of a clinician. It is not the best way of passing a hair test even though it offers a temporary relief.


There are several ways on how to pass a hair drug test. It only calls for the candidate to understand what the test entails, and how to reverse the harmful effects of drugs from the hair. Generally, a hair test should never be a cause for any alarm.

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