How To Not Get Caught By A Drug Test

Posted by: | Posted on: September 19, 2017

Sometimes when you work for a company, they will decide to do random drug testing. Unfortunately, this drug test could possibly cost you your job. It may not always be a convenient time-perhaps you went to a party over the weekend and were subjected to certain substances. Whatever the reason that you may be worried, there are some things that you can do and products that will help just about anybody to pass a drug test. It is even possible to pass a drug test by using dehydrated human urine.

A drug test could require that the participant obtain a sample of hair, blood, urine, or even saliva. It helps to understand how long certain drugs will remain in your system so you can decide the best method to use in order to pass a drug test.

A urine test is the most common type of drug test. If you are on any medications, it’s important to make sure that your employer is informed about any medications you are taking because some medications can cause a false test result.

Urine tests can detect a bunch of different substances including cocaine, marijuana, opiates, PCP, and amphetamines. Depending on where you work, all or some will be tested for. Other types of substances such as alcohol or barbiturates may also be tested for.

It can be helpful to be familiar with how long certain drugs will remain in your system. This is especially helpful if you are aware that there is an upcoming drug test. For example, marijuana will normally remain in a person’s system for 2-7 days or one or months for habitual habits. Heroin, ecstasy, and morphine will be in the system for two days.

Spiking a urine sample is not as effective as it once was because now there are also products that your employer can test for to let them know if the sample has been tampered with, so don’t do it. Dilution is another no-no.

Be sure that you are in the clear before resuming substance use right after taking a drug test, because it is likely that you may get re-tested.

Hair follicle tests are another way to find out if there are any substances in the system. They can tell if a person has used drugs in the past several months and is much more accurate than a blood or urine test. This is because hair follicles tend to retain drugs longer than urine and blood does.

This test requires cutting 50-8 strands of hair off of the head, and at least 1.5 inches is required. Face, arm, and chest hair can also be used. This test is better at detecting past drug use rather than more recent drug use since it can take 5-7 days for substances to get into hair follicles.

Luckily there are Pass Hair Follicle Drug Test website options such as Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo. It is a trusted product that can be easily purchased online.

Other options are to shave everything, but this is not ideal if you don’t want to be bald. It may also look suspicious. The other method is the light user loophole where you try to throw off a test by how often you smoke a substance, but it is not very accurate.

The Saliva test can detect drug use within the past few hours or days. It’s best to avoid drug use within 2-4 days after getting tested.

Whatever the reason is that you have found yourself in a predicament and need to find a quick solution, there are many options out there and products that have been specifically designed to get you out of a pickle-and quick.

If you know that a drug test is on the horizon, it is best to refrain from drug use-90 days prior to any testing if possible. Especially if it is a follicle test. These tests are very hard to fool.

Not every company conducts drug tests, but if you know that your does, it’s best to avoid substance use if you value your job. Then you don’t have to worry. But, if you can’t or are caught off guard, there is some hope of fooling a test and passing it. Poppy seeds and secondhand smoke will not likely affect the results of a drug test. That’s just a myth.

Some states have laws on how and when drug testing can be done but most employers if they are going to conduct a drug test, will do it during the hiring process. They are also more common for jobs that require operating heavy machinery or vehicles-especially for truck drivers or construction workers. You may also be asked to provide a sample for a drug test if you are acting suspicious or if you are involved in an accident.

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